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Rishta Point is a Largest and fast growing Matrimony Network; where a set of hard working team is determined to help you in finding your soul mates with full privacy, safety and maximum opportunity round the clock. We provide our members a complete control over their profiles and searches through our unique features.

Marriage is basic human and social need for every young and sensible person; in Islam it is almost compulsory. Importance of marriage can be derived from the meaning of this saying by Prophet Mohammad.

“Nikah (Marriage) is my Sunnah, and the person who leaves my Sunnah does not belong to me”.

In this modern age world is advancing day by day, new inventions are taking place to make human lives more easy and comfortable. Even in this advanced age finding the right and suitable person to get married has become a common social problem. It is getting worst constantly because of unavailability of a particular platform to get it resolved. In spite of having all the resources and luxuries of the life people are much worried about the marriages of their children, sisters and brothers. Moreover the said problem has its own sensitivity; people feel hesitant to discuss it with others while time doesn’t wait. At the end people go to the marriage bureaus which exploit their needs and make money. Common people even cant afford the feeses of marriage bureaus.

RishtaPoint.com is a private company that has taken a step to resolve this serious issue in better ways by providing its quality services to the public & community Free of Cast. It provides a platform not only to the Muslims but humanity throughout the world. It will be your great contribution to inform others about our services, Thank you for being with us.

CEO Message

People often feel hesitant or awkward to find or post Rishta on internet. Initially I intended to establish a marriage bureau to serve the needy people but it was not possible to facilitate the people of whole country from one place. Therefore I decided to take help of technology and designed this website which is now working as a complete marriage bureau where on one click you can find Rishta from your desired Location, Caste, Profession, Religion/Sect (Maslak) etc. We are offering our service free of cast to our needy brothers and sisters however, we have to go through lot of expenses such as, hardware, software, web development, advertisement, offices and buildings rents, staff and employees’ salaries etcIf you are pleased with our service and God has placed you in a class that can do charity; then you are appealed to support us through your donations.

Mr. Asif Imran (CEO)

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